#TeamLSE at NottsMUN: A Glorious Conclusion of the Term

November 23, 2018


The past weekend of the 16-18 of November, #TeamLSE undertook the long and arduous coach journey to Nottingham, in order to participate in NottsMUN, the resident MUN conference. With a troop of 10 brave soldiers, we took to the committees and once again proved ourselves to be the world-class MUN team that we are.


The first day started with an opening ceremony, which, as usual, was marked by lengthy, extremely exciting speeches, but we managed to overcome this challenge through using the time effectively by means of bingo. Debate started right after, and it was the first ever MUN conference for many of us. It immediately became incredibly intense, but all of us from our first timers to MUN veterans never backed down and proudly stood their ground, something that would earn many of us an award later. The day was concluded at a local Indian restaurant. The food was amazing, but that was secondary to the prices there: It may seem unbelievable to our dear London readers, but they had dishes for UNDER 10 POUNDS?!?! We then moved on to socialise with our committee at this evening’s bar event, but of course we went home early to get a good night’s sleep and tackle the next day well-rested.


And tackle the day we did. Day 2 was marked by amazing engagement from our delegates in all aspects from resolution writing to debate. Many bloc leaders were forged that day, and so many of them were #TeamLSE. From fighting North Korea in the FSC to fighting the pope, the Austrians, the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, and pretty much everyone else in Crisis, our delegates proved to be well on the path of prevailing in their committees. Today ended with a wonderful formal dinner and attached dance. Here, the entirety of our team showed that there is no greater way of spreading the word of LSE than dancing in a club, in a suit, with an LSE pin. And naturally, the rainbow bow tie made another appearance, as is decorum at such formal events.


While the previous night got quite late, all of us were ready for an early morning. Despite some sabotage from Google maps undoubtedly caused by Russian hackers, we made it to our committees with only minor delays. On this final stretch, we mustered all the strength we had left and fiercely debated, resolution-wrote, and in one case even murdered our way to the top. And in the end, our efforts were rewarded: With only 10 delegates and therefore just about a qualification for a large delegation, we won the award for Best Large Delegation, much to the (audible) dismay of our cross-strand fellows.


Lastly, all the remains to say is that every LSE delegate did incredibly well at NottsMUN. We entered with a group full of first-timers, and we emerged with a best delegation of seasoned MUN-veterans. 


We would like to congratulate the following award winners:

1. Jonas Bokelmann, Director's Award, Historical Crisis

2. Eva Richter, Best Delegate, SPECPOL

3. Anderson Tan, Best Delegate, Future Security Council

4. Tyler Atipas, Distinguished Delegate, UNHRC

5. Samuel Huang, Verbal Commendation, Future Security Council


We would also like to thank all of our delegates. Winning Best Large Delegation would not have been possible without the incredible participation of all those who did AND those who did not win an award. Amazing work.

Lastly, a shoutout to the Head Delegate Jonas Bokelmann for all the care he exhibited for the delegation this weekend.

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