OxIMUN 2018: Crusades, Diplomacy, and Awards Galore

October 30, 2018


The extended weekend of the 26 - 28 of October, #TeamLSE graced the Oxford International Model United Nations conference their presence. While cold weather may have been an unforeseen challenge, our team managed to defy the odds and sweep the entire event clear of awards.


Our first day was marked by an opening ceremony that was exhilarating and adrenaline-fuelled, as all MUN opening ceremonies are. However, the real fun began when we dispersed and split into our various committees, ready to attack this conference head on. For many of us, including myself, this was our first ever University MUN conference, and we quickly discovered the intensity, with which these three days would be filled. As committee work and general debate began, all members of the LSE team were a valuable addition to their committees, which was exemplified by the fact that we won best small delegation.


On day 2, many of us were battered from a late night the evening prior, but as a wise man once said: “It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, it matters how many times you get back up.” And my oh my did we get back up. The whole day was filled with intense debate, ranging from issues such as solving undernutrition all the way to firebombing the Vatican via a carriage with a double bottom filled with Greek fire. The day was then concluded by an amazing formal ball in Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum, which, despite its undoubtedly meticulous planning, was entirely unprepared for LSE’s titanic thirst, and ran dry of alcohol soon after our arrival. Nevertheless, our delegates proudly represented LSE in snazzy outfits and rainbow bowties.


Day 3 concluded the conference with a final sprint of debate. After all, as a wise man once said, “MUN conferences are a Marathon, not a sprint”. Fortunately, our delegates did not show a hint of exhaustion and mastered the final stretch like the diplomatic professionals they are. Many blocs were led, many great speeches were held, many productive resolutions were submitted, and in the end our tireless work was rewarded: On top of the best small delegation award, LSE received 8 individual delegate awards.


As such, we practiced the ancient LSE-at-OxIMUN tradition of celebrating on the train ride back. And after one and a half hours of trains, drink, and never-have-I-ever, the only thing left to do is thank the dearest Natalie Chung for her expert coordination of #TeamLSE’s adventure to the town of dreaming spires. Her leadership reminds one of Napoleon Bonaparte, except for the fact that she led the charge into the cold and returned victorious.



Before this short summary of our trip ends, it is my pleasure to congratulate the individual award winners:

1. Jonas Bokelmann, Diplomacy Award, UNDP

2. Ellie Cottrell, Diplomacy Award, UN Women

3. Max Hammer, Director's Award, Joint Cabinet Crisis

4. Chris Tesche, Cabinet Award, Joint Cabinet Crisis

5. Horatio Lyons, Commendation Award, African Union

6. Adam McMahon, Commendation Award, SPECPOL

7. Naufal Yudiana, Honourable Mention, ASEAN

8. Alki Giavridis, Honourable Mention, DISEC


Moreover, let us not forget the other proud members of Team LSE that joined us in Oxford this weekend:

1. Ines Dieringer, DISEC

2. Thomas Harten, UNHCR

3. Tina Pei, European Council


And lastly, our fantastic Chairs and backroom staff:

1. Natalie Chung, Director, SOCHUM

2. Muqqaddam Malik, Director, Belt and Road Initiative

3. Katharina Wodenitscharow, Director, African Union

4. Sharif Kazemi, Backroom, Joint Cabinet Crisis


In conclusion, OxIMUN has not only been a great success for Team LSE, but also great fun for all of the members of our team, and it was my pleasure to have been able to attend.




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