ManMUN 2018: Successful Conquest of the Great North

October 22, 2018

From the 19th to the 21st of October, #TeamLSE set off to “the great North” to attend the University of Manchester’s Model United Nation conference.


For myself and many other members of our delegation, this was our first overnight MUN University conference and not knowing what to expect; the conference seemed daunting at first. However, we quickly got into the swing of things, leading lobbying and debate in committees. It is safe to say that the conference was a resounding success with team LSE sweeping Best Large Delegation and 12 individual awards.


Delegates participated in an exciting array of committees, which offered topical issues of debate ranging from discussing immigration at the US-Mexico border under the Trump ‘zero tolerance’ policy to developing a Global Strategy on Healthcare considering disparities in gendered healthcare.


In addition to developing our networking and public speaking skills by engaging with such global issues, ManMUN was an excellent opportunity for the new and old members of team LSE alike to become a more close-knit team. Clearly, long engaging committee sessions and countless cups of shared coffee, are a good recipe for making new friends.


The LSE delegation would like to thank our head delegate Melvin Kan for his incredible efforts and care for all members of the delegation! From explaining specific MUN jargon to making sure no man was left behind, Melvin was a lovely head delegate!




Last but not least, I believe I can speak for the whole LSE delegation, in saying that we are all looking forward to attending future MUN conferences and creating more fantastic memories with such a hard-working but friendly team.


The LSE Model United Nations Society would like to congratulate the following individual award winners:


1. Lina Jeffcock - Best Delegate, UNDP

2. Tea Višnjić - Best Delegate, EU

3. Evan Schlosser - Best Delegate, African Union

4. Vanessa Lock - Best Delegate, UN Women

5. Francis Acevedo - Best Delegate, DISEC

6. Yasmin Frischemeier & Alec Caruana - Outstanding Delegates, UNSC

7. Camille Coultrap - Outstanding Delegate, DISEC

8. Amelia Benich - Outstanding Delegate, UNHRC

9. Alfredo Carrillo O - Honorable Mention, African Union

10. Zhi Feng Ong - Honourable Mention, UNDP

11. Maria Golub - Honorable Mention, UN Women


We would also like to express our gratitude to our fantastic chairs:

1. Nicole Trofimov - Chair, UN Women

2. Melvin Kan - Chair, African Union


We equally want to recognise the rest of our delegation for their hard work and commitment throughout the entire conference:

1. Eugene Gurin -EU

2. Pearlyn Tan –UNHRC

3. Tasha Chia - Crisis

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