March 7, 2017

 Team LSE at the Closing Ceremony


An Ode to ScotMUN

One fine winter's day in the land of Scots, 

Four chairs and twelve delegates ventured abroad, 

To bravely and clearly elucidate their thoughts,

On world issues, and socials (a lot). 


Fiercely participating in committee debates,

And fiercely reflecting with alcohol (crates!)

The team came away loving Edinburgh and Riverdale (?),

And some, perhaps, with one or two dates ;)


To an exemplary secretariat, we say hurrah!

To a lovely city we say au revoir!

For alas, all things must come to an end,

And back to London the team journeyed far.


And they travelled, bittersweet, 

Crossing marshes and miles,

Returning to London,

With hangovers and smiles. 


From the 3rd to the 5th of March, Team LSE travelled to Edinburgh to participate in the tenth edition of ScotMUN. With an exciting range of committees like the World Food Programme, the European Council, and the International Organisation for Migration, delegates debated actively on issues ranging from the Allegations of Ethnic Cleansing in Myanmar to Women in Conflict Countries. Team LSE also had the chance to learn about the city's history and culture through a raucous Ceilidh at the Balmoral Hotel and an intriguing night at The Caves. Team LSE came away with a greater exposure to global issues, a personal degree of cultural exposure, and new friends as well. 


 Team LSE at the Balmoral Hotel for Formal Dinner & Ceilidh


We are pleased to announce our award winners:

Gabriel Chua - Distinguished Delegate, UNESCO (United Kingdom)

Marilyne Ebu & Tasha Chia - Distinguished Delegate, UNSC (United Kingdom)

Naufal Yudiana - Honourable Mention, DISEC (United Kingdom)


We would also like to thank all other delegates who attended the conference:

Julian Kwong - WFP (United Kingdom)

Rheya Panjwani - UN Women (United Kingdom)

John Gordon - IOM (United Kingdom)

Simon Pastor - UNHRC (United Kingdom)

Georgios Pipiou - European Council (Netherlands)

Siwen Pan - UNESCO (Nigeria)

Connor Mew - WFP (Zimbabwe)

Bob Dong - UNHRC (Senegal)


We would like to express our appreciation to our LSE chairs:

Sam Povey - Head Director, DISEC

Mock Yi Jun - Assistant Director, UNSC

Yeva Agayan - Assistant Director, Standing Committee on Terrorism

Jonathan Lin - Assistant Director, WFP


Finally, we would like to thank Deputy Head Delegate Naufal Yudiana and Delegation Advisor Jonathan Lin for their tireless support.


 So long, and thanks for all the fish!


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