Looking back on LIMUN '17

March 5, 2017

"What is LIMUN? Do you mean Lemon? Lime? Is it a food fair?"-- LIMUN is a conference like no other, unparalleled not only in terms of the amount of jokes it invokes, but also in the perpetual significance of it being held in home territory, our beloved London. 

Joining a conference at home means that everything is much closer-- the conference venue, socials, and our own homes-- just a tube (or uber) ride away. LSE delegates rejoice in being able to commute easily, though it'd be too naive to think that all of us could turn up on time to attend our 9am committee sessions (cough cough). 

Committee sessions nonetheless were conducted in full force. This time around in LIMUN, delegates were given different countries to represent. In UNDP, head delegate Janet Wong represented Suriname to discuss Urbanisation and the UN REDD program. The committee passed two resolutions, exhibiting delegates' willingness to compromise and collaborate. In UNEP, Florian Schaffner as USA discussed issues of water scarcity and endangered animals with fellow delegates, and winning a diplomacy award. Jan-Paul Sandmann who represented Germany led a bloc in protecting the rights of refugees and women, and also bringing home a diplomacy award. Aaron Quak and Naufal Yudiana had the pleasure of simulating the USA in the fast-paced and competitive UN Security Council. In another similarly advanced committee, the UN Chief Executives Board, Jonathan Lin and first-timer Zeineb Ben Yahmed played the UNECE and UNECLAC cheif executives respectively.


Benjamin Alford and Connor Naylor were in the Sokovia Commission, representing Sokovia and Senegal respectively. They simulated a committee based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Giulia Lima Bianchi represented the USA in the UNESCO committee, exploring issues of extinct languages and trafficking of artefacts. Marilyn Ebu and Tasha Chia represented New Zealand and USA respectively in the challenging committee of UN High Commissioner of Refugees. In light of the recent Muslim ban issued by President Trump, Tasha found it particularly hard to represent the USA in a diplomatic manner. Natasha Glendening, as Poland had to tackle the controversial issue of cyber security in the committee of NATO. Horatio Lyons, as Uganda in the African Union, had the pleasing job of discussing the solutions to global terrorism.  Finally, Gabriel Chua represented Ecuador in ECOFIN, tackling issues of Tax avoidance and Tax evasion, and winning the 5th award for the delegation.  

 Delegates and chairs of UNDP (photo courtesy of Andrei Cursaru, Chair of UNDP)

On the other end, socials were also unforgettable. Team LSE had a delegation dinner together before heading off for the Delegates' Ball in the De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms. Delegates do not, however, find the ball too grand a location for some hardcore partying. Prom music and wine only helped with more dancing and less politics. 

LSE at the delegate ball (Photo courtesy of Kyle Lewis Jordan)

All in all, our delegates had a fun and rewarding time at LIMUN '17. It is always said that the delegates make the conference. But without the dedicated members of the Secretariat, experienced chairs and excellent organisation, we doubt if we would've enjoyed the conference nearly as much. We are also extremely proud of everyone's effort and preparation for the conference. We cannot be happier to be bringing home the award Best Small Delegation in LIMUN '17. Lastly, here is a recap of the awards recipients, participants and chairs who were part of the LSE delegation to LIMUN:

Award winners: 

1. Janet Wong, Diplomacy Award (UNDP)
2. Florian Schaffner, Diplomacy Award (UNEP)
3. Jan-Paul Sandmann, Diplomacy Award (UNHRC)
4. Benjamin Alford, Diplomacy Award (UN Commission on Sokovia)
5. Gabriel Francis Chua, Diplomacy Award (ECOFIN)

1. Aaron Quak and Naufal Yudiana (UNSC)
2. Connor Naylor (UN Commission on Sokovia)
3. Giulia Lima Bianchi (UNESCO)
4. Horatio Lyons (African Union)
5. Jonathan Lin (UN Chief Executive Board)
6. Marilyne Ebu (UNHCR)
7. Natasha Glendening (NATO)
8. Tasha Chia (UNHCR)
9. Zeineb Ben Yahmed (UN Chief Executive Board)

1. Stefano Obata, Chair (UNDP)
2. Sam Povey, Chair (ECOSOC)
3. Yeva Agayan, Chair (International Olympic Committee)
4. Yuji Develle, Chair (NATO)
5. Joe Carroll, Chair (HSC)



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