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January 13, 2017


Week 1 training was successfully held as Team LSE, joined by old and new faces, came back together on Thursday evening for the first of many weekly training sessions in Lent term. Snow was falling outside Lincoln's Inn's but the excitement of seeing friends and fellow members again after the holidays was enough to warm everyone's heart. 


This week, training officer Jonathan Lin took us through advanced speaking techniques which can be used in conferences. Needless to say, it was good advice, and I am surprised by the originality presented in his "Speaking Spectrum" (see below). 

I believe most MUN-ers, like myself, have not really considered ourselves a particular type of speaker, at least not on a grid. But it was good fun trying to figure out ways to "disarm" these types of rhetoric skills commonly encountered. Next time, when we come across a "potential dictator", we know what to do!


What then followed was a simulation of the UNICEF on the topic of "Humanitarian Responses to Children Displaced by Conflict". The hour of debate was productive in both rooms, as delegates drafted insightful resolutions on how to best deliver humanitarian aid to the children among refugees. Here's a selection of some of my favourites: 


1) Send food and water through airlift (thank you, delegate of Micronesia)

2) Candy bomb (bombs that explode with candies)

3) Rainwater catchment system (actually a brilliant one) 

Trolling aside, we are glad to witness the creativity in the solutions delegates come up with. This is what keeps MUN alive! 

Signing off, 

Your MUN officer 


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