OxIMUN 2016

November 14, 2016

 Team LSE at the Black Tie Reception

Over the weekend, Team LSE participated in the Oxford International Model United Nations. With teams coming from all around the world, such as MUN Society Belgium, United Netherlands, Harbin Engineering University and West Point, the conference was truly a multi-national affair. Our delegates discussed issues ranging from the Nigerian Refugee Crisis to the Future of Jobs at Risk of Automation and Use of Technology in committees like SPECPOL and UNODC.


After an intense three days of debate, we are pleased to announce our award winners:

1. Mock Yi Jun, Diplomacy Award (UNSC)

2. Benjamin Alford, Commendation Award (UNHCR)

3. Christie Deng, Commendation Award (UNODC)

4. Jonathan Lin, Commendation Award (ILO)

5. Stefan Bogensberger, Commendation Award (ECOFIN)

6. Theodore Chan, Best Position Paper Award (SPECPOL)

7. Giulia Lima Bianchi, Honourable Mention (UNHRC)


We would also like to commend Natasha Glendening (UNHRC) for her outstanding work in the committee.


We would also like to congratulate our chairs for their dedication and hard work:

1. Zac Teoh Zhi Hao, Vice-Chair (UNSC)

2. Rory Moe, Vice-Chair (AIIB)

3. Yuji Develle, Vice-Chair (DISEC)

4. Joseph Carroll, Vice-Chair (SPECPOL)


Last but not least, we would like to thank Kristina Lau (Head Delegate) and Yeva Agayan (Delegation Advisor) for their help and service during the conference.



Team LSE sharing a post-OxIMUN dinner

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