ManMUN 2016: A Retrospective

October 31, 2016

Chiming in to a potpourri of Herman’s Hermits, The Stone Roses, and Oasis, Team LSE set sail for the rainy skies of Manchester on October 28th. We bade farewell to the Theatre of Dreams and returned to Houghton Street only two nights later, carrying excess luggage both in the palpable form of 7 accolades, including the “Best Large Delegation” award, as well as in the intangible form of numerous lasting memories.  Both these forms will hopefully remain unforgotten for those who were privileged enough to being able to experience them.


The 48 hours between our voyages were crammed with a myriad of truly memorable experiences, both from an academic and social perspective. Our delegation not only grew together as a homogenous group, but also built new friendships with students attending universities all around the world. From being trailed by a dubious man with a monkey to performing a unique rendition of the Lion King Musical on the streets of Manchester, it is safe to say we experienced quite a handful within limited hours.


In conferences, we were able to constructively communicate, collaborate and propose resolutions on current volatile political issues. All team LSE members adeptly demonstrated their passion and skills over three intense days of debate. In the First Committee, Marilyne Ebu critically challenged many resolutions, amply contributing to shaping consensus on the floor. For her efforts, she received a verbal commendation from the chairs in the closing ceremony. In SPECPOL, Gigi Choy mediated and decisively shaped debate, conclusively winning the Outstanding Delegate award. Likewise, Melvin Kan’s assertive contributions in the Fourth Committee were central throughout the entire conference.  Our very own Training Officer Jonathan Lin, Best Delegate in the Economic and Social Council, demonstrated his wide array of talent and was subsequently dubbed the “Mozart of Caucus” by his committee for his librettoesque resolutions and baritone vocals. He was supported by Sebastien Baudin, who himself adeptly contributed to the shaping of constructive decisions on global concerns within the committee. In the WHO, Benjamin Alford took home the Best Delegate Award for his diplomatic adroitness and prowess in uniting conflicting blocks. His success was contingent on that of our Head Delegate, Giulia Lima Bianchi. Giulia received a Honourable Mention for her leading role in writing and pushing though resolutions. Ben and Giulia were also aided by Florian Schaffner, who in his first ever MUN conference received a verbal commendation for the arduous task of representing Libya in the World Health Organization. Tasha Chia commendably represented Malaysia in UN Women and was also recognized in the form of a verbal commendation. In the Security Council, Tommaso Luisiari was awarded an Honorable Mention for his tremendous role in mediating between diametrically opposed P5 members. He was strongly reinforced by Aaron Quak, who in turn held enthralling speeches and built fruitful relationships to certain delegates in his committee. Last but indubitably not least, our President Christine Deng, traveling as a social delegate, was central in uniting and comforting our delegation. We all sincerely appreciate her numerous efforts and expense of time in making this experience as enjoyable as possible to every member.


All in all, I personally thoroughly enjoyed ManMUN and like to think that this sentiment is shared among all of Team LSE’s ManMUN delegation members. On behalf of our entire delegation, I wish to truthfully thank our head delegate Giulia Lima Bianchi for putting up and taking care of us. Due to external circumstances beyond her reach, this was a very difficult and time-consuming trip to organize and yet, her actions ensured that everything occurred as smooth and gratifying as possible. Because of this foundation, we were able to excel at the conference.


We are pleased to announce our awards:

Team LSE - Best Large Delegation

Stefan Bogensberger - Best Delegate in DISEC

Gigi W Choy - Outstanding Delegate in SPECPOL

Jonathan Lin - Best Delegate in ECOSOC

Benjamin Alford - Best Delegate in WHO

Giulia Lima Bianchi - Honorable Mention in WHO

Tommaso Luisari - Honorable Mention in UNSC

Florian Schaffner - Verbal Commendation in WHO

Tasha Chia - Verbal Commendation in UN Women

Marilyne Ebu - Verbal Commendation in DISEC





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