Season of MUN- Week 4 training

October 20, 2016

Winter is coming- so is the Season of MUN. This week in our training session, Team LSE is busy preparing for the coming weeks of conferencing, during which our members will attend 4 conferences, namely ULMUN, ManMUN, CUIMUN and OxiMUN. 

In our training session, delegates bounce ideas around, while fellow members interject to comment and raise questions about specific and topical points. This is certainly a useful way to get warmed up and ready for the deepening of research and shaping of ideas. 


Afterwards, delegates are joined with fellow members of the society for a simulation. This week, the topic discussed was the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Wondering what it is like to be part of the simulation? To say the least, it is a session full of fast-paced debate, pointed attacks and endless banter, which is a lot of fun. 

The only down-time though in the simulation would be when cross fires are put to a pause- in order to give way to frantic note-passing and resolution drafting. It is one thing to have good ideas and to articulate them in caucuses; It is another to be able to craft clauses (often under time pressure) while lobbying with your fellow delegates and sell your resolution to them. But Team LSE is full of talented delegates who are unfazed by the odds. The delegate of the USA has clearly mastered both ends of the trick, and with the aide of two other delegations solicited six signatories and submitted a draft resolution for debate. 

As is always said, it's not the destination, but the journey that matters the most. The committee session resolved to a hasty end when debate for the two competing resolution was just getting started, leaving no time to vote. But whether or not either resolutions get passed did not seem to matter; Delegates were all happy a the end of it, having had an engaging session of debate and collaboration. 

Just before signing off- here's a sneak peak of our awesome Team LSE T-Shirt up for grab for members of the UNsoc. Stay tuned and stick around for next week's training so that you know how you can get one for yourself (and your family, and friends, because we all need cute T-shirts in life). 







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