Our History

To recognise the hard work and contributions of the past MUN Directors, we would like to dedicate this page to showcase their legacy and to chart the progress of the society


Ms. Natalie Chung & Mr. Matheus Santos

Under the leadership of Ms. Natalie Chung and Mr. Matheus Santos, Team LSE won 72 awards in just 7 conferences winning the title of the Best Model United Nations Team in Europe. The team travelled to the largest conferences in the UK, Europe and in the World, winning numerous awards at all conferences. Under their leadership, they set the team up for success through weekly trainings, breaking a record for the total number of awards won as well as most awards per conference in the history of TeamLSE. Under their instruction, they trained delegates to a level of professionalism and quality unlike any other, including training newcomers who then went on to represent LSE at the largest conference in the world. Through their guidance, they have trained delegates to a new standard of perfection and have set the team up for success in the following years. 


Mr. Jan-Paul Sandmann & Mr. Melvin Kan

Under the leadership of Mr. Jan-Paul Sandmann and Mr. Melvin Kan, #TeamLSE traveled to over 8 conferences across the UK, and even visited Panama City, Panamá for Harvard WorldMUN where there was a hope that "everyone made out (of it?)" (Kan, 2018). With the strong support they provided, all our delegates were stretched to their potential and won 51 awards and held 33 chairing positions, while successfully fulfilling a "sense of duty" (Sandmann, 2018) to the society. Under their guidance, the society hosted four conferences, held (bi)weekly trainings, and launched collaborations with LSE100 and other UNA-UK student societies. With the foundation they provided, all our delegates were able to reach the apex of their abilities at all conferences.


Mr. Ralph Chow &

Ms. Kristina Lau

Under the leadership of Mr. Ralph Chow and Ms. Kristina Lau, #TeamLSE traveled to over 10 conferences across the UK, and even visited Montréal, Canada for Harvard WorldMUN. With their strong emphasis on strategy, "second place is first place loser" (Chow, 2016), and improving delegates, all our delegates fulfilled their potential and won 54 awards and held 16 chairing positions. Under their instruction, the society reached new heights by holding weekly trainings and drastically improving delegate quality while not sacrificing the fun in MUN where delegates "will have fun if they want to" (Chow, 2017) despite a personal belief that "fun is overrated" (Chow, 2016). With the strong groundwork they laid, all our delegates were able to sharpen their MUN skills and grow their love for the activity.

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