Any student at the London School of Economics can become a part of the LSE Model UN Team. Whether you are in the undergraduate or graduate program, or whether you are in your first, second or third year, give Model UN a go! Try it out during the G.I.A.G. session in the Michaelmas Term and Lent Term. You don't need any background or any prior experience, because at the LSE Model UN Team, we treat MUN as a learning experience. 

As a member of TeamLSE you can get involved as a regular delegate, a crisis delegate or a chair. You have the chance to travel around the UK, Europe and internationally and try out these roles! 

Check out our Chairing Program, Training Schedule and Conference Schedule to see how you can get involved now. 

New to MUN? 

Fear not! We welcome members of all experience levels to join TeamLSE. Our weekly trainings are designed to tackle all levels of experience, so you can practice and learn. We also attend a variety of different conferences which accommodate committees for novices to advanced delegates. 

Come along to our G.I.A.G session in MT, or any of our trainings after to see how we work as a team. To see what types of conferences we go to, and which levels of experience they are open to, check out our Conference Schedule

Not sure how to get started? Come talk to your MUN directors who are always happy to help, no matter what point in the school year. The MUN Directors attend each training, so come along to find out more and ask any queries! Check out our Training Schedule. 

Being a Delegate

Our weekly trainings are targeted towards building skills for being a regular delegate at MUN conferences. We attend a variety of conferences every school year, with the opportunity to practice skills in different committees for different skill levels. 

Our weekly trainings are held on Thursday evenings on campus, where each week is targeted towards developing a new skill. After trainings we have a small social, where you can mingle with team members and get to know your division! 

In preparation for an upcoming conference, we support you along the way, by giving directed trainings, help with position papers and tips at the conference for any challenges you may be facing. 

Refer to our Conference Schedule and Training Schedule. 

Being a chair

If you want to challenge yourself beyond the test of being a delegate, chairing may be for you. TeamLSE is excited to offer chairing workshops throughout the year to prepare you to one day lead a committee of your own, including everything from writing study guides to understanding the rules of procedure to making your voice heard in the larger committee.


During some of our weekly trainings, anyone interested in chairing is welcome to try their hand at leading debate with the help of our experienced members and our very own chairing officer, the handsome young man in the blue tie in the photo on the right. Naturally, chairs are also invited to our post-debate socials!


Before the conferences we attend, we hold special sessions to cover any final questions you may have. If you are interested in chairing an MUN committee but are unsure where to start, this program is for you. Our advisors will be with you every step of the way and are happy to help out with any queries you might have!

Being a Crisis Delegate

Become a Crisis Delegate for #TeamLSE!


MUN Crisis is based on a unique format unlike that of other committees, focused on crafting emergency response directives rather than bureaucratized, formal resolutions. Crisis delegates represent a character - historical or fictional - and must fulfil that character’s goals in the context of a war or crisis to turn the tide in favour of both the cabinet they’re allied with and in favor of their character personally.


TeamLSE sends crisis delegates to some of the highest-profile crisis conferences in the UK and the world, including OxiMUN, LIMUN and WorldMUN. Participate in crisis simulations and individual trainings throughout the year to learn how to craft directives that will decide the fate of your cabinet and character.

To find out more about crisis, and our crisis trainings, our crisis officer will be in charge of helping out interested delegates. 

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