Yasmin Frischmeier

MUN Director

Hi! I’m Yasmin and I’ll be your MUN Director for the 2019-2020 academic year. Hailing from.. well.. all over.. (India, USA, Italian heritage, Swiss citizen) I’m a second year student studying International Relations. When I’m not planning logistics for conferences or strategising for WorldMUN, I tend to be in the kitchen. I love to cook (all sorts of things, that’s what international backgrounds are good for I suppose) and enjoy balancing out all those carbs with nice long runs around London. I hope to get to know more of you at the pub after training! If you ever need some BSc IR top tips, some board game and alcohol fuelled de-stressing, or just a home cooked meal, please reach out!

Ellie Cottrell

MUN Director

Hi all, my name is Ellie Cottrell and I am one of your MUN Directors. I am Australian, but went to high school in Hong Kong, and I am a second year law student. I have been involved in MUN mostly starting in my first year, where I attended various conferences and was a part of TeamLSE. As your director, I help train TeamLSE for each conference and organise conference logistics for the team. Our goal is to be an encompassing team for all MUN levels, while also having success at conferences through the development of delegates' skills and through awards as well. Beyond MUN I am involved in social justice issues in law and am passionate about environmental issues and public international law. I also enjoy boxing and fencing, and enjoy getting involved in the student community.


Max Hammer

Crisis Officer

I’m Max, LSE’s Crisis Director. I’m a second-year student at LSE studying Politics and International Relations and lived in Berlin before coming to London, where I now live in eternal fear of being evicted by a no-deal Brexit. I’ve been involved in Model UN since 9th grade, though I only started participating in Crisis committees at Uni. MUN helped me develop my skills in tactful diplomacy, and I promptly learned to dismiss most of that when I became addicted to the Crisis format. When I’m not working on and/or procrastinating MUN work, I edit the LSE Amnesty Human Rights Journal, play the piano, and spend time at the elusive actually affordable London pub. I also enjoy writing political commentaries am active in some political societies at my university (though I won’t divulge which ones to avoid any hate). In any case, I’m excited to teach you guys about Crisis and hopefully plan some fun simulations this year.

Chairing Officer

Hey friends! I'm Jonas, a second-year management student and your trusty chairing officer for this year's rendition of TeamLSE. In other words, if you are interested in chairing at a particular conference or in general, if you have any questions about anything MUN-related, or you just need to talk, then do come find me at my office hour every Thursday from 18:15 - 19:45. Outside of MUN, I enjoy working on world's greatest crisis software, wearing all kinds of flamboyant colours, and thinking of the many, many other hobbies I absolutely totally have when writing bios like this one. In addition, I have strong opinions on fashion (with a particular focus on scarves) as well as musicals. The latter are the way to my heart.

Jonas Bokelmann

Chris Matthews

Training Officer

Hello! I'm Chris, a third-year undergraduate student studying History. Having previously acted as Senior MUN Officer, it's a privilege to continue assisting the division on the ground in my final year as one of your two training officers. Consistent with my international outlook is my international upbringing: across Dubai, Qatar, Malaysia and at home in the UK. MUN continues to broaden my global perspective and has offered me the opportunity to debate the most pressing issues in Panama City, Madrid and soon Tokyo. Don't mention my previous MUN conferences, however, as this may trigger flashbacks. Outside of MUN, if there is such a thing, I'm always up for trying something new. When I'm not slaving over my dissertation, I'm busy building a student journal, volunteering for Oxfam or fencing. As one of your training officers, I am jointly responsible for preparing avid MUNers of the LSE for the many conferences over the course of the year. If you have any questions, concerns, or simply wish to air your dislike for LSE100 to someone, I'm here to help!

Frederik Braun

Training Officer

Hi everyone! I'm Frederik, and I'm a third-year undergraduate studying Government. I'm from Germany, and I am probably the only UNSOC committee member that didn't grow up in multiple countries. I joined TeamLSE in my second-year, which allowed me to explore many great cities with some of the most amazing people at LSE. Naturally, we also do MUN once in a while... In my second year, I attended multiple conferences, including the 2019 Harvard WorldMUN in Madrid, which was probably one of my highlights of the entire year. As part of the new committee, I organise our weekly training and prepare our delegations to do well in upcoming conferences. Outside of UNSOC, I organised events for LSE's Grimshaw Club and the LSE SU German Society while gaining work experience in consultancy, politics and investment management.

Matheus Santos

MUN Advisor

Hi! I am an MSc in Comparative Politics student. I am currently the team’s MUN Advisor. I’ve been involved in MUN since I was in middle school and was also MUN Director at the LSE in 2018-2019. I grew up in several countries, including the Netherlands, Spain and Brazil. In my free time, I enjoy powerlifting (ie lifting as many weights as I can in one go), reading and learning as much as possible (nothing better than a day spent reading), as well as traveling (34 countries so far and counting).



Senior MUN Officer

Hey everyone, I'm Tea and I am the Senior MUN Officer for this year. I am a second year International Relations student so you can often find me in the library complaining about my never ending reading list. I started doing MUN last year and have loved it ever since! I've even found my flatmates through it. In my free time I like to spend all my money on iced lattes and West End shows.

Annabel Alder

Junior MUN Officer

Hi! I’m Annabel, one of the Junior Officers for the 2019-20 academic year. I’m a first year International Relations and Chinese student, also studying intermediate Spanish. Having grown up in South London (the Stormzy heartland) speaking a handful of European languages, I’ve always been interested in international affairs, and after a taste of MUN in high school I was super excited to join the team at LSE! I’m the most enthusiastic member of any group chat, was voted ‘most likely to take a buzzfeed quiz during class’ in my high school yearbook, and am ‘a little under the weather’ at least 60% of the time. As a junior officer I’m here to lend a hand with your MUN needs, administer our social media logistics in spite of my boomer-level technology skills, and bring J2O energy to post-training socials. See you around!



Junior MUN Officer

Hi everyone! I’m Dowon and I’m a first year studying International Relations and History. I’m originally from South Korea and I grew up in both the UAE and Turkey. I most recently lived in the beautiful city of Istanbul - occasionally enjoying the incredible view of the Bosphorus as well as feeding on Iskender kebap and Ülker Metro bars (my personal favorites). In my free time, I enjoy film making, watching old vine compilations, and jamming to anything with a good bass line. As a junior MUN officer, my role is to help the directors in running the MUN Division, which includes planning for the 2020 Harvard WorldMUN conference in Tokyo. I’m excited to be part of the MUN Division this year and I’m looking forward to supporting our delegations for the upcoming conferences!

Jack Alscher

Junior MUN Officer

Hey! I’m Jack, I started MUN in 2019, and I study International Relations and History as a first year. As one of the Junior Officers for this year, I’m super enthusiastic to meet delegates and help out in any way possible. I can honestly say a weekend away with #TeamLSE guarantees an amazing time. Although I was initially a keen debater, I made the switch to MUN and haven’t looked back since. Hailing from Sydney, Australia; I basically fit into every Australian stereotype there is: a keen surfer, swimmer and a Vegemite lover. I’m always up for a chat, I’m a big coffee fan (Australians indisputably make the best coffee), a Betomaniac, and believe the Centre Building is the place to be. Here’s to a good year ahead!

Tushar Mehra

Junior MUN Officer

Hey guys! I’m Tushar, a first-year Economics student, and I’ll be one of the Junior Officers for UNSOC for the upcoming academic year. I’ve been associated with MUN for almost 5 years now, so when I saw the opportunity to continue with the top-ranked MUN team in Europe, I grabbed it in a heartbeat. The hype before a conference, the banter that ensues and the memories that are created for a lifetime are things that one cannot find in other societies, and my role involves making that experience felt by all delegates who decide to join. My role also involves supporting our Directors Ellie and Yasmin behind the scenes with organising logistics for conferences, helping run training sessions, and blogging about the events that take place in the aftermath. I’m enthusiastic, high on life and as any UNSOC member will tell you, obsessed with taking pictures; I’m passionate about pretty much everything under the sun (from sports to politics) and look forward to welcoming all future delegates in the near future. Here’s to a wonderful year ahead!

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